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I wanted to ask about different ways of doing hip surgery... I hear that men only can have a concrete type of filling and smoothing procedure .. yet woman need a full replacement?
Great question. Generally all patients having an elective hip replacement for osteoarthritis will have a total hip replacement. There are lots of different ways to do a hip replacement and it really depends on which aspect of the surgery you are talking about. In regard to the approach to the hip, there are many techniques. I personally use an anterior approach to the hip which is an operation I am quite passionate about and have extensive experience with. In regard to the ‘concrete type of filling’, I believe you are referring to the use of cement to help fix the implants to the bone. Generally for the femoral component (the part that is inserted in to the thigh bone), I will use a cemented implant for patients who have a diagnosis of osteoporosis, or who, based on their demographics, have a high likelihood of having thin bones eg. Caucasian women over the age of 70. For younger patients with better quality bone, I will generally use un-cemented implants. These implants have a rough surface which the bone grows directly on to. I hope this information is helpful.



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