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POP is an easy-to-use interactive tool that can support healthcare professionals in the delivery of patient education, information, preparation, rehabilitation, follow-up and monitoring, before, during and after surgery. Furthermore, it can enable better management of patient expectations, increase patient compliance and improve the overall patient care experience.

Patient Interface

A mobile app for pro-active patient involvement and engagement accessible for patients, their family and friends.

Medical Team Interface

From your decision-to-treat to post-operative recovery, stay in close connection with your patients, track their progress and manage their expectations.

Educational Contents

Support your patient throughout their surgical care journey by providing quality pre and post operative information and education.

Customised Agenda

Ability to fully customise patient journey as defined by the surgeon and practice. Simplify the patient’s experience with automatic reminders and alerts.

Rehabilitation Support

Daily reports to monitor patient recovery and rehabilitation through a complete digital solution (App + Wearable device) to increase patient wellbeing, compliance and satisfaction