Osteoarthritis Clinic Procedures

Osteoarthritis Clinic

Do you experience pain in your lower limbs that holds you back from doing the things you love?
We offer:

• Innovative operative and non-operative options for painful lower limb conditions such as Osteoarthritis.

• A caring team including orthopaedic surgeons Dr Daevyd Rodda, Dr Frank Connon, a sports med physician Dr Will Craddock and an orthopaedic nurse practitioner, working closely with allied health professionals.

• A range of solutions to help you get back to doing the things you love.



Overseen by Sports Medicine Physician Dr Will Craddock. Consulting from our rooms, Dr Craddock is supported by his dedicated multi-disciplinary team.

The team includes:

• Musculoskeletal nurse practitioner

• Sports med physician

• Physiotherapist, and

• Exercise physiologists.

These dedicated professionals provide a range of services exactly matched to your specific condition. Services include:

• Tailored care plans

• Education

• Lifestyle management strategies

• Exercise programs, and

• Condition-specific (eg. osteoarthritis management) medications and injectables like hyaluronic acid derivatives and platelet-rich plasma.



Overseen by expert Orthopaedic Surgeons Dr Daevyd Rodda and Dr Frank Connon, their focus is on minimally invasive surgery and maximum results. Minimal pain and rapid recovery are key success factors.

They specialise in:

• Minimally invasive direct anterior hip replacement (also known as the Direct Anterior Approach or DAA)

• Rapid recovery joint replacement, and

• Patient specific knee replacement using patient matched and robotic technology.





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