Ankle Reconstruction – Postoperative Physiotherapy

Ankle Reconstruction – Postoperative Physiotherapy

When you are recovering from ankle surgery there is a rehabilitation protocol to be followed which may vary slightly depending on the severity of the injury. Sunshine Coast Orthopaedic Group will prepare a program for you depending on the nature of your surgery. Treatment options listed below are guidelines and will be adapted to suit each individual patient depending on age, function, sport, occupation and rehabilitation goals.
Process – Management Instructions
First 2 weeks (Goals – prevent complications; maintain movement and strength in unaffected joints)

Wear half-cast or CAM boot

Keep to non- weight bearing activities

Perform a range of hip and knee motion exercises

Exercise your quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteal muscles

Perform deep breathing exercises

Weeks 2-4 (Goals – control pain and swelling; regain active movements)

Transfer to CAM boot or ankle brace

Commence weight bearing, PWB or WBAT depending on Dr Rodda or Dr Connon’s instructions

Perform theraband strengthening exercises in all directions

Do double leg calf raises, then progress to single leg calf raises

Perform advanced balance/proprioception exercise e.g. wobble board, foam

Stretch calves

Swim with gentle kick

Cycle as much as is comfortable

Return to Sport (Goals – single leg balance for 1 minute with eyes open; single leg calf raises 3 x 30; single leg squat to 900; lunge +6cm; hopping on the spot; normal lower limb mechanics including pelvis/hip/knee control; direction change tests within 10% of other side; wean off brace)

Perform single leg heel raises

Stretch calves

Perform theraband strengthening, focusing on dorsiflexion and eversion

Hop and land

Perform ladder and lateral hopping

Run, swim and cycle

Prevention of recurrence (Goals – normal mechanics; high level balance; landing strategies; direction change strategies)

Perform advanced landing drills e.g. catching, marking, feed forward training

Practice balance integration i.e. strength work on BOSU ball

Perform plyometric training



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