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Comprehensive Hip Care

Total Hip Replacement

If severe hip pain persists despite conservative treatments, our total hip replacement surgery offers a reproducible and effective solution. Ideal for conditions like osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, this procedure aims to reduce pain and restore mobility. By surgically replacing a worn joint with a prosthesis, patients can experience significant improvement in quality of life. Most individuals can return to normal activities within six weeks of this modern and transformative surgery.

Hip Fracture Management

The hip is a ball and socket joint. It allows the upper leg to bend and rotate at the pelvis. A hip fracture is a break which occurs in the upper part of the femur. The type of surgery used to treat this depends on which bones and soft tissue are affected and the level of the fracture. (An injury to the socket is not considered a hip fracture and management of fractures of this area is a completely different consideration.)

Revision Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacements, if performed correctly, can offer successful, pain-free outcomes for 20-30 years. However, certain situations may require revision surgery due to factors like wear or pain. Revision procedures, more complex than the initial operation, depend on various factors. In cases involving a polyethylene liner, wear may prompt a simpler revision surgery by replacing the plastic insert.

Hip Arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure designed to address various hip conditions through small incisions. It includes removing loose bodies, managing scar tissue buildup, repairing torn labrum, eliminating bone spurs, and debriding joint surfaces affected by conditions like arthritis. This procedure is recommended for patients with persistent hip issues unresponsive to non-surgical treatments, such as pain, swelling, stiffness, and instability.


Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement is a highly effective procedure for severe hip pain unresponsive to conservative treatments. It addresses conditions like osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis by replacing the worn joint with a prosthetic one. This results in reduced pain and improved quality of life, with most patients able to resume normal activities within six weeks.

There are different ways of performing a hip replacement:

Minimally Invasive Anterior Total Hip Replacement (AMIS):
  • Approach: Surgeon accesses the hip through an anterior incision, minimising muscle damage.
  • Benefits: Faster recovery, less post-surgery pain, and shorter hospital stay.
  • Considerations: Requires a trained and experienced surgeon; recommended for those with extensive AMIS expertise.
Posterior Total Hip Replacement:
  • Approach: Surgeon enters through the back of the hip (though the incision is on the side).
  • Benefits: Scar may be larger, but provides a broader surgical view.
  • Considerations: Slightly longer recovery time and more initial movement restrictions compared to AMIS.

Transforming Lives

Hip Replacement Benefits

With arthritis and other conditions, the cushioning layer of cartilage within the hip joint is worn down, which is one of the causes of pain. Surgery removes and replaces the damaged joint surface with a prosthesis, in many cases allowing pain-free movement. This reduction in pain often lasts for the rest of the patient’s life without further surgery.
With a reduction in pain and an increase in mobility, hip replacement patients are able to return to a relatively normal life, taking part in many pre-arthritic pain activities.
A damaged joint can become stiff, and over time may grow more bone, further restricting movement and preventing actions like tying your shoes and walking long distances. Hip replacement surgery treats the joint and allows you to recover mobility and functi

Surgical Risks

Common risks and side effects associated with total hip replacement surgery include:
  • Associate Professor at the University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Founder of the Sunshine Coast Orthopaedic Group
  • Supervisor of the SCOG International Fellowship in Anterior Hip Replacement and Knee Replacement
  • Chairman of the Sporting Chance Foundation
  • Course Convener for the Graduate Certificate in Anterior Hip Replacement at USC


Experienced Surgeons

Our surgeons at Sunshine Coast Orthopaedic Group are highly skilled professionals dedicated to providing exceptional care with a focus on enhancing the mobility and quality of life for their patients. Specialising in advanced orthopaedic procedures, our surgeons possess extensive expertise in areas such as total hip replacement, revision hip replacement, hip fracture management, and hip arthroscopy.

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