Associate Professor DAEVYD RODDA

Advanced Orthopaedic Expertise

Anterior Total Hip Replacement

The anterior approach allows the surgeon to reach the hip joint by moving muscles aside rather than cutting through them. This can lead to faster recovery times, reduced pain, and fewer postoperative restrictions.

Patient-Specific & Robotic, Kinematic Aligned Knee Replacement

A/PROF Daevyd Rodda uses this advanced approach to knee replacement surgery, which incorporates personalised planning and robotic assistance for enhanced precision and outcomes.

Rapid Recovery and Revision Joint Replacement Surgery

A/PROF Daevyd Rodda focuses on minimising downtime and optimising the rehabilitation process after joint replacement, prioritising techniques and interventions that accelerate healing.

Knee Arthroscopic Surgery and Radio Frequency Ablation

A/PROF Daevyd Rodda, offer advanced solutions for specific knee issues. Arthroscopic surgery, with minimal incisions, allows for precise diagnosis and repair, promoting quick recovery.


Orthopaedic Surgeon |
Knee and Hip Surgery

A/Prof Daevyd Rodda, a globally recognised orthopaedic surgeon specialising in hip and knee replacements, is a pioneer in minimally invasive techniques, particularly anterior approach hip replacement and patient-specific, robotic, kinematically aligned knee replacements. With a high annual volume of complex surgeries, he’s not only a skilled surgeon but also a sought-after mentor. As the exclusive supervisor of an international fellowship in anterior hip and knee replacement surgery on the Sunshine Coast, Dr Rodda trains orthopaedic surgeons locally and globally. He’s also a distinguished ‘surgeon proctor,’ attracting experienced orthopaedic surgeons nationwide to enhance their joint replacement skills.


  • Associate Professor at the University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Founder of the Sunshine Coast Orthopaedic Group
  • Supervisor of the SCOG International Fellowship in Anterior Hip Replacement and Knee Replacement
  • Chairman of the Sporting Chance Foundation
  • Course Convener for the Graduate Certificate in Anterior Hip Replacement at USC

A/Prof Daevyd Rodda

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Leading Innovations in

Joint Replacement, Healthcare
Equality, and Research

Daevyd Rodda, an authority in rapid-recovery joint replacement, spearheads the Medibank no-gap program, embraced by over 20 hospitals. A visionary, he initiated the Buderim Hospital no-gap program and collaborates for similar initiatives. Driven by innovation, he partners with the University of the Sunshine Coast, leading in research and education, crafting a Graduate Certificate Program in Anterior Hip Replacement. Committed to healthcare equality, he founded the Sporting Chance Foundation for young Indigenous athletes. Managing arthritic joints comprehensively, Daevyd and his hand-picked team deliver world-class surgical results with care and excellence.

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