Orthopaedic Surgeon - Dr. Frank Connon

Dr Frank Connon

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr Frank Connon in an orthopaedic surgeon with extensive Australian and international experience. His special interest is Lower Limb surgery with Fellowship training in both Foot and Ankle surgery and complex Hip and Knee Reconstruction.

Dr Connon undertook most of his surgical education and training in Orthopaedic Surgery in Sydney but also worked in Nambour, Melbourne and London. During his training, he was chosen by his peers to represent them at the Australian Orthopaedic Registrars’ Association.

After completing his Australian training, Dr Connon was awarded the prestigious Commonwealth Fellowship to undertake a year of further specialist training at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in London, UK. In London he worked under the mentorship of world authorities on the treatment of Foot and Ankle conditions. This internationally renowned centre of orthopaedic excellence is the tertiary referral centre for all orthopaedic oncology patients and many of the most difficult arthroplasty cases in London and across Europe and the Middle East, giving Dr Connon a wealth of experience in performing complex Hip and Knee Replacements.

Extensive training in the Direct Anterior Approach to Hip Replacement at centres of excellence in Sydney, the United Kingdom and France has given Dr Connon significant experience and expertise with this technique, but he is equally trained and comfortable using the posterior approach which is more appropriate for some patients. He is always happy to take plenty of time to talk to patients about which technique will best suit their individual circumstances.

Dr Connon emphasises the importance of spending time with his patients so that he can offer surgical solutions tailored to their lifestyle and discuss each patient’s options in a caring manner. This helps him to deliver each patient the best possible recovery and long-term outcomes.



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